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to retaliate against the bullshit cold weather today i drew troll girls in some of my summer clothes :U

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when you randomly think about your otp and—


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The most painful part of shipping.

The last page of fanfiction of your otp.

Like you’re sitting there, staring at that last page and your mind is screaming that it needs more, more fluffy or smutty fics of the otp that has currently captivated your mind. 

But that’s it. The last page is it.

You can’t reread previous fics cos they’re all still fresh in your head. You can look at fanart but nothing is as descriptive or satisfying as an entire story. So this is the part of your your journey wih the ship where you wait for updates. The slow process of fulfillment where reading at least 1 good fic a week is where the ship gradually starts to lose it’s magic touch.

The magic touch where the tiniest of fluffy moments get your heart racing, cheeks blushing, or just makes you want to cover your face with a pillow and scream. The moment that the touch is gone is where i start appreciating fanfic writers. Though the journey with the ship is almost at end, without them the voyage never would have started. 

So thank you writers for creating stories of wonder and delight without asking for any form of compensation in return.


the last man standing is a girl

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